Whistling into the West
Written by Paula Xiberras
Tuesday, 13 September 2016 00:00
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by Paula Xiberras

The name Gavin in one interpretation means hawk and it’s fitting that the bird motif should be associated with musician Gavin James. It was always going to be music for Gavin and if he didn’t play he would teach it. Gavin won the Choice Music Prize for his first album ‘Bitter Pill’.

Gavin was preparing for his Australian tour when I caught up with him recently. He told me his songs are ‘personal stuff about relationships, reading books, work and music’.

Gavin’s musical pedigree is strong with his sister a musician and his great grandparents both being opera singers. His grandfather, and this is where the bird association comes in, was also a comedian and a ‘whistler’ who perfected the sound of birds. Even though Gavin’s grandad had a successful career he couldn’t take his act to America because ‘he had too many children!’

He tells me it will be his first visit to Australia. He’s a little disappointed that many years ago he didn’t go along with this parents when they visited Australia.

This years visit to Perth will allow him to catch up with some of his relatives with his schedule that encompasses 4 days 4 gigs. It’s also a much anticipated visit because his relatives possess a recording of his whistler grandfather which he is eager to hear.

And sometimes Gavin is surprised by which songs resonate with people, one in particular is not one of his own songs but a cover of ‘Book of love’ by Magnetic Fields, a song he sang at a gig in Dublin.

You can see Gavin James:

Thu 22 Sept - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Fri 23 Sept - Plan B Small Club, Sydney

Sat 24 Sept - Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne

Sun 25 Sept - The Boston, Perth